Brand and Visual Identity Standards


The University of California, Irvine is recognized as one of the world's premier institutions of higher learning and research. A clear, cohesive and consistent visual identity is a significant component to building UC Irvine's name and brand to our audiences, both internal and external. This identity connects and leverages the university's many parts and is easily recognized and understood by the public. This guide should serve to improve the quality and efficiencies of all materials executed with the UC Irvine brand name. Continual adherence to the UC Irvine Brand & Visual Identity guidelines, including wordmarks, graphic elements and colors, will create a strong identity. This guide outlines the campus's graphic standards that apply to all visual representations of UC Irvine, including brochures, newsletters, electronic communications, websites and signage.

The complete Graphic Standards Manual is available as a PDF (2,955K). Please contact Strategic Communications at 949-824-6490 with any questions or for assistance.

To accommodate a variety of design needs, wordmarks are presented in a select range of treatment options, as shown below. Click on wordmarks below to see downloadable options.


The primary wordmark is the preferred application in most instances. Horizontal and stacked wordmarks may be used as alternatives to the primary wordmark where additional emphasis on University of California is desired. Two options are provided to allow for space limitations.


Primary wordmark


Horizontal wordmark


Stacked wordmark

UC Irvine's graphic standards revolve around these wordmarks, which are custom adaptations of the Minion typeface. For more inforamation on the offical UC Irvine wordmarks and downloadable wordmark files, visit the wordmarks page. Campus unit wordmarks and Web banners (which attach unit names to the UC Irvine wordmarks) are available from Strategic Communications; you can request a unit wordmark via email.

The standards do not apply to university letterhead and business cards, or other purposes requiring use of the university seal, which is subject to specific University of California policies. Use of the UC seal for purposes other than letterhead and business cards requires approval from Strategic Communications. Contact 949-824-6490 or for assistance.