12-pointed and 16-pointed brightmarks are available in blue, white and yellow.


12-pointed brightmark


16-pointed brightmark


Using our brightmark is not mandatory. It is however intended to aid in the branding of our communications. To that end, you may ask yourself these basic questions when deciding how and where to use it:

  • Can the brightmark serve to strengthen the concept or message of my communication?
  • Does the context of my communication warrant a more visible degree of branding?
  • Does integrating the brightmark into an image or layout create a more proprietary look and feel to that which might otherwise appear generic?

In any case, it us up to the discretion of our communications experts to evaluate the need for this graphic element – a need defined by the unique circumstances in which our message is being delivered.

For reference

Current Guidelines: 4.11 Support Graphic

Our brightmark is a support graphic that helps us to express our brand. As an abstract mark, it has no single meaning, but instead supports many ideas around education – illuminating knowledge, a bright idea, a brilliant performance or a shining example. It's mathematical in nature and connotes science, energy and beauty.

  • The 12-pointed version is used for smaller or quieter applications.
  • The 16-pointed version is used for larger or more dynamic applications.