The following colors were specifically created to represent UCI's brand and overall identity. UCI's devotion to academics, research, leadership and character development is properly represented by these specific hues of blue and gold, which are a variation of the University of California colors. When placed together, these colors will successfully differentiate UCI from other higher learning institutions. They can also be applied to various internal and external visual applications, including but not limited to, brochure covers, chapter divider pages and promotional folders.

Additionally, UCI's color palette may be used in printed documents, charts, graphs and PowerPoint presentations. Shown on this page are color specifications for the UCI wordmark and color palette for spot, process, Web and RGB applications. Do not use this section or the output of a desktop color printer for color matching. Please refer to either a Pantone swatch book or the formulas outlined in this section.

Primary Color Palette

Our primary color palette consists of two colors plus black and white and should be used on all design and marketing materials, both internally and externally.



7685 92 73 11 1 0 100 164 #0064a4


109 1 16 100 0 255 210 0 #ffd200

Secondary Color Palette

The UCI color palette offers great secondary color flexibility while providing a reasonably limited palette. These secondary colors allow for some color variation, while still staying loyal to the UCI brand.

Colors from the secondary color palette may only be used as complements to the primary palette above and not as standalones.



549 60 24 21 0 106 162 184 #6aa2b8


400 23 21 26 0 197 190 181 #c6beb5


654 100 84 31 17 27 61 109 #1b3d6d


715 0 54 93 0 247 141 45 #f78d2d


425 65 56 53 29 85 87 89 #555759


100 5 1 76 0 247 235 95 #f7eb5f

Foil stamping or metallic ink

Single-color versions of the wordmarks may be reproduced in gold foil, preferably on a dark blue or white background. When using gold foil, choose a yellow-gold rather than a bronze- or copper-gold. Metallic gold ink may be used on coated white paper. Avoid using metallic blue or metallic yellow inks.

Web accessibility

When the colors from the primary or secondary pallete are used on the Web as background or foreground (text) colors, sufficient contrast between the foreground and background colors must be present. This may require additional lightening or darkening of your selected color. To check for sufficient contrast, use the WebAIM Color Contrast Checker.