UCI Seal

The University of California, Irvine seal is the visual symbol of the university. It includes the word “Irvine” at the bottom and is only appropriate for the most formal applications and expressions of identity as a stand-alone graphic element, or in conjunction with the campus wordmarks or unit wordmarks as required. As the UCI seal loses its clarity and depth when printed, it should not be used on the Web, nor should it be cropped in any applications.

The UC seal should not be used in conjunction with the university wordmarks.

The seals cannot be modified in any way. For additional information or guidance, send us an email.

For permission to use the traditional seal or UC seal (as seen below), please contact Strategic Communications & Public Affairs by email or call 949-824-6922.

UCI Seal

Traditional Seal

1.5'' or larger diameter

For use in official business and larger printed material

No Fill

uci seal, no fill

1 Color + White Fill

uci seal, white

2 Color + White Fill

uci seal, yellow blue

Simplified Seal

Small Applications
For use in marketing, social media or digital use

PNG set (.zip)

EPS set (.zip)

PNG and EPS (.zip) 

No Fill

simple seal, no fill

1 Color + White Fill

simple seal, white back

2 Color + White Fill

simple seal, yellow blue

0.75'' min. - 1.5'' max. diameter
Must be at least 3/4'' (0.75'')

simple seal, no fill, small simple seal, blue, small simple seal, blue, yellow, small

University of California Seal

UC Seal