Primary Wordmark

Primary identifier

Secondary Wordmark

This version is used to mitigate instances where there is potential confusion.

Secondary identifier

Full Wordmark

This version allows for flexibility and clarity when the hierarchy shifts away from the University. It creates a link between the University's high-level brand promise and that which is being endorsed.

Brand endorsement

Stacked Wordmark

Minimum size: Both versions of the UCI signature should not appear smaller than the minimum size (3/16" high) so that they are always recognizable and readable.

Maximum size: In all cases, the UCI signature should be treated tastefully and with integrity. It should never be scaled disproportionately large in relation to the piece in which it appears.

Signature, flush left


Clear space

To distinguish the UCI wordmark, it should be surrounded on all sides by clear space. Clear space is the area surrounding the wordmark that should be kept clear of other company or service logos. This enhances graphic impact and preserves equity in the mark by separating it distinctly from other graphic elements and document edges.

The desired clear space should be at least the size of the U-height.

Clear space guide

Clear space guide

Combining logos

Generally, the UCI wordmark should be used alone. When it is necessary to use another wordmark along with UCI's, the two should not be combined or placed too closely together.


In order to maintain a consistent brand identity, it is important to reproduce the wordmark in the same manner across all mediums. If this is not adhered to, it will not only be confusing to the viewer, but the wordmark will lose its brand presence.

Incorrect Usage

  • Do not modify the UCI wordmark in any way.
  • Do not distort proportions; they must be maintained.
  • Do not combine the wordmark with other marks.
  • Do not use the symbol as a substitute in copy.
  • Do not use both primary brand colors in wordmark.
  • Do not screen, make translucent, bevel, outline, skew or texturize the UCI wordmark in any way.
  • Do not use a pixilated form of the wordmark.
  • Do not obscure or hide parts of the wordmark.
  • Do not animate the wordmark, however fade-ins and other transitions can be used for interest on websites.

Always be sure there is adequate contrast between the wordmark and the field on which they appear. In most instances, a blue or black wordmark can be used on a clean, uncluttered background. For use within a photograph or otherwise uneven or cluttered background, a white or yellow wordmark may be preferred.


These full-color guidelines apply to process color printing and on-screen use for presentations, videos, and online materials. The most important thing to note is the need for a high degree of contrast between the UCI wordmark and the background.

  • In blue, the wordmark can be used against white or neutral tints lighter than 30% black.
  • Reversed to white, the wordmark can be used against darker neutral backgrounds (equivalent to 50% black or darker) or against 100% blue.
  • Do not use the color positive wordmark against any color other than light neutral tones, and never reverse the wordmark on a color other than UCI blue or a dark neutral tone.

Black & White

In low-budget printing situations, photocopying and in newspaper printing, designers may be restricted to the use of black and white or grayscale. In these conditions, the preferred treatment of the wordmark is black against white, because that provides for maximum contrast. It's also acceptable to reverse the wordmark to white against black. However, please keep in mind that newsprint and photocopying do not provide a true black, so some contrast will be lost.

  • Against grayscale backgrounds of values 30% black or lighter, use the wordmark in solid black.
  • Reverse the wordmark to white for backgrounds 50% black or darker. Take great care in applying tints to the wordmark itself.

Please note that reproduction on newsprint can be unpredictable. Variances from day-to-day and sometimes even within a print run do occur. It is often best to choose the design with maximum contrast.

Athletic logo usage

The overlapping UCI logo is reserved for athletics, recreation, spirit groups, support groups and student groups. It should never be used for administration or academic units.