Working with the media has become an important part of everyday university business. In most cases, the coverage is to our benefit. Reporters mainly call about good stories – research findings, concerts, student activities and educational programs. Even bad stories can provide an opportunity to make a positive statement.

This guide is intended to raise your comfort level in working with the media, to demystify the process and to give you some tips in responding to media inquiries and honing your interviewing tactics. Our goal is for you to look at media requests as positive opportunities to put both you and the university in the best light possible.

In addition to the information provided on these pages, on-camera media training is available for a fee and includes a sit-down session utilizing a simulated “live” environment. A professional critique during playback of the interview also is included.

Good or bad, the media are effective tools for communicating the university’s priorities and accomplishments to the public. Responding to media requests in an accurate and timely manner is very important, as the resulting stories can wield tremendous influence. We encourage you to contact the UCI media relations representative assigned to your school or department. For further assistance, see our Media Relations Staff contacts.