Media Relations

You will notice several references to Strategic Communications throughout this guide. The public information professionals in the office handle UCI's media relations on a daily basis and are available to answer any questions you may have about the media. We're here as your resource. Please call us whenever you're in doubt about a media inquiry – or even when you're not.

Strategic Communications responds to hundreds of reporters' inquiries each month. Staff members in the office specialize in areas of the campus such as science, education, technology and events. Many questions are answered within the office, but many more are referred back to the experts – faculty, administrators, students and staff – in a given field. The office also initiates coverage through press releases, press conferences, query letters and tipsheets of story ideas to the media. Results of this coverage are distributed in daily electronic clipping packets.

Please Call

Again, whenever you have questions or concerns regarding UCI's media relations, contact us at 949-824-6922 or