Rules for Success

Several key points will be emphasized throughout this guide. Remember them, if nothing else.

Know what the interview is about
Don't go into an interview cold. Find out why a reporter is calling, give yourself time to prepare, then call back.

Have a message
Once you know the subject of the interview, prepare three to five key points you want to make.

An interview is not a conversation
The media are your conduit to the public. Speak to the public, not the reporter. Be friendly, but remember that interviews are how reporters conduct business.

There's no such thing as off the record
An "off the record" comment may not be attributed to you, but that doesn't mean it won't appear in the paper or be used to confirm information.

Keep it simple
Nothing ruins an interview faster than long, complex explanations. If you want your message conveyed, be sure to say it simply.

Be brief
Practice answering questions in 20 seconds or less. Chances are, the reporter will use the first decent 20-second comment and skip much of the rest.

Tell the truth
Don't lie and don't guess.

Help is on the way
Strategic Communications is available to assist you.