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Spring 2016: “The Brain”

I have a long and yet distant relationship with UCI. In the 1970s, I asked my mother’s cousin’s husband, Earl Graham, to support my efforts at getting an education. That was the beginning of my transition from teenhood and the military to my future – just about 50 years ago.

At the time, Mr. Graham was an administrative operator at UCI involved in construction, I think. To this day, I have not been able to determine the exact nature of his position. [Editor’s note: Graham was a construction manager in the campus’s early days. See photo below.]

Earl Graham

Now fast-forward to 2016 – to the breakfast science lecture presented to the public at large (and with thanks to A.J. Coco, who several years ago began inviting me to these outreach events for physical sciences departments). Every time I attend, I am reminded of that meeting with Mr. Graham and his sincere efforts to provide a jump-start for my future. (I received a bachelor’s degree in 1975 from California State University, Long Beach.)

It just goes to show that we can never know what effects we will have when we offer a simple suggestion or provide a direction to others.

I recently came across the spring 2016 issue of UCI Magazine and enjoyed reading the comments in the Letters to the Editor and Flashback sections about the last 50 years of the campus. Seems like a long and distant journey between these seemly isolated events … or is it?

Jeff Clemons
Mission Viejo

A short note to let you know how much we all enjoyed your spring 2016 issue of UCI Magazine, focusing on “The Brain.” I gave my copy to a family friend who recently suffered a stroke so that he might study it more thoroughly. Thank you.

Jerry Sanders

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