The Brain

The Brain

The Brain

The Brain

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Alzheimer’s: It’s Not What You Think

Claudia Kawas turns the study of the disease on its head, leading other researchers to change their assumptions

Music vs. Alzheimer’s

Favorite songs from a person’s past can ease depression, agitation and other symptoms of dementia, says a UCI researcher who donates iPods to nursing homes

Stroke of the Future

In 20 years, stem cells, genetics and robotics will get patients back on their feet after a blood clot in the brain

Flipped Reality

Prism goggles trick the brain into rewiring the visual cortex, providing insight into its plasticity

Heading Off Brain Injuries

An alligator researcher, a crash test dummy and an ex-Boston Red Sox medic join forces to unravel the mystery of water polo concussions



Letters to the Editor

Winter 2016: “Our Brilliant Future”


Defining the Future of Medicine

Prevention plans tailored to the individual and an interdisciplinary approach to patient care will be key, says new health chief



From Computer Consultant to Comic

Bored working in the software industry, UCI alumnus finds his true calling on India’s fledgling stand-up circuit

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