Reimagining the Future of Health

Reimagining the Future of Health
Reimagining the Future of Health

About This Issue:
In this edition of UCI Magazine, “Reimagining the Future of Health,” we focus on the announcement of a transformative $200 million gift – the largest in UCI history – by Susan and Henry Samueli to create a realigned College of Health Sciences. Our cover story, “Just What the Doctor Ordered”, explores how the gift will support a science-based integrated health approach, while “Wellness Champion” follows Susan Samueli’s path to becoming an avid supporter of complementary care. In “A Picture of Health”, we showcase several evidence-based research efforts by UCI innovators, and finally, “Whole-Body Experience” introduces four patients who have already benefited from UCI’s integrative healthcare practice.

On the Cover: Longtime UCI benefactors Susan and Henry Samueli. Photo by Steve Zylius / UCI

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