Capote on Campus

A lmost 40 years ago, Truman Capote, media darling and pioneer of the true-crime novel, celebrated the grand opening of the UCI Bookstore. The author, screenwriter and playwright best known for Breakfast at Tiffany’s and In Cold Blood read from some of his early works to a packed house on Sept. 28, 1977, at UCI’s Fine Arts Village Theatre and responded to a standing ovation with two flamboyant bows. He later stood autographing more than 100 books in the new store and answering “about as many questions,” according to Marty Trujillo, who covered the event for New University. “Yes, he tries to write every day; no, he doesn’t worry about writer’s block; yes, he does read quite fast, about one book a day.” Capote also offered some warm words: “I wish the bookstore a great success, which I’m sure it’ll have, and you [in] your years here.”