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Let the Gaming Begin

UCI students

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In this edition, we highlight UCI’s newest ventures into the world of video games. Our cover story, “A Bold New Sports Franchise,” reveals how the campus created the nation’s first school-sponsored eSports team at a public university, wooed top players with scholarships and built a trailblazing computer arena. “Behind the Games” features software engineer Laura Wright Teclemariam ’04 and her commitment to recruiting women and minorities into gaming jobs; while in “Playing With Gender Stereotypes,” campus experts take aim at trite assumptions about male and female gamers. Beyond gaming, in “Fountain of Youth,” UCI anthropologist Tom Boellstorff dives into the virtual world of Second Life to study how people with disabilities find freedom through their avatars, and in “Taking Legal Power to the People,” Michael Iseri, J.D. ’15 shares how he developed free legal apps to help clients with disabilities. Finally, as an example of how technology permeates just about every aspect of society, in “Technology Is Part of Life – and Art,” we walk you through “Embodied Encounters,” a recent Beall Center exhibit that blends “expanded media arts” with everyday life.

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