Aug. 16, 2023
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Chalk dudleya flowers in the UCI Ecological Preserve.
Chalk dudleya flowers in the UCI Ecological Preserve. (Photo: Ian Parker)


Researchers make strides with mobile healthcare app

UCI researchers led by Amir Rahmani, a professor of nursing and computer science, are innovating healthcare connectivity with ZotCare, a mobile platform that can interact with smart watches and other personal devices to monitor the health of patients and upload that data to medical providers and even health researchers to use for studies and surveys, as well as health-related alerts.

The secret life of bumblebees

UCI biologist Tobin Hammer
UCI biologist Tobin Hammer has a thing for bee guts. Equipped with butterfly nets and retooled hand-held vacuums, he and his team corral the insects, track their behavior and study the bacteria in their guts, hoping to improve the health of not only wild bees but also humans, whose microbiomes are somewhat similar. Unlike honeybees, which have been extensively researched, bumblebees and solitary bees are largely a mystery: Roughly 70% of the world’s 20,000 species live underground and very few make honey.


Video captures White Coat ceremony for new med students

White coat ceremony 2023 on YouTube

Check out the new video of incoming medical students being honored in the school’s traditional White Coat Ceremony, which recognizes the past and future hard work of these aspiring doctors. The Aug. 4 event featured 114 students and drew cheers and applause from more than 350 relatives, friends and other well-wishers.

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The New York Times logo

Trump Indicted in Georgia. Ex-President Has 10 Days to Surrender for Arraignment

The New York Times, Aug. 15
Cited: Jon Gould, dean of social ecology

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Experts weigh in on latest Trump indictment

KTVU, Aug. 15
Cited: Shawn Rosenberg, professor of political science & psychological science

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Going car-less in L.A.: The environmental benefits and economic costs

Los Angeles Times, Aug. 16
Cited: Jean-Daniel Saphores, professor of civil and environmental engineering

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