Media Relations Staff

Tom Vasich
  • Tom Vasich
  • Senior Director of Communications & Media Relations
  • Arts, Law, Advancement, UCI Police, Finance & Administration, UCI Health, UCOP, Office of Research
Brian Bell
  • Brian Bell
  • Communications Officer
  • Biological Sciences, Engineering, Information & Computer Sciences, Physical Sciences, Technology, Climate & Environmental Research, Esports research
Cara Capuano
  • Cara Capuano
  • Communications Officer
  • Business, Education, Humanities, Social Ecology, Social Sciences, UCI Libraries
Pat Harriman
  • Pat Harriman
  • Communications Officer
  • Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences, Program in Public Health
Sheri Ledbetter
  • Sheri Ledbetter
  • Director, Internal and Critical Communications
  • Chancellor, Provost-EVC, Student Affairs, Admissions, Undergraduate + Graduate Education, Inclusion & Diversity, Esports

Unit Communications Officers

Jaime DeJong
  • Jaime DeJong
  • Senior Director, Marketing & Communications
  • Claire Trevor School of the Arts
Michelle Mar
  • Michelle Mar
  • Director of Communications & Marketing
  • School of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences
Stacey King
  • Stacey King
  • Assistant Athletic Director/Media Relations
  • Athletics
Ethan Perez
  • Ethan Perez
  • Interim Director of Marketing and Communications
  • School of Biological Sciences
Rodney Brown
  • Rodney Brown
  • Director of Marketing & Communications
  • The Paul Merage School of Business
Tim Keef
  • Tim Keef
  • Director, Marketing & Communications
  • Continuing Education
Stacey Wang Rizzo
Shelly Nazarenus
  • Shelly Nazarenus
  • Director, Marketing Communications
  • The Henry Samueli School of Engineering
John Murray
  • John Murray
  • Asst. Director, Media Relations
  • UCI Health / UCI Medical Center
Tatiana Arizaga
  • Tatiana Arizaga
  • Executive Director of Marketing & Communications
  • Health Affairs
Kelly Anne Brown
Matt Miller
Cheryl Baltes
Debra Curran
  • Debra Curran
  • Director of Communications and Marketing
  • Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing
Colleen Taricani
Sarah Liebetrau
  • Sarah Liebetrau
  • Director of Communications
    Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences

Tatiana Overly
  • Tatiana Overly
  • Director of Communications and External Relations
    School of Physical Sciences
Brianna Aldrich
  • Brianna Aldrich
  • Director, Communications & Marketing
  • Program in Public Health
Mimi Ko Cruz
  • Mimi Ko Cruz
  • Director of Communications
  • School of Social Ecology
Heather Ashbach
JP Clark
  • JP Clark
  • Senior Director, Strategic Communications
  • Office of the Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor
Iain Grainger
  • Iain Grainger
  • Director, Communications
  • Office of the Vice Provost of Teaching & Learning