Social Media Guidelines

UCI’s Social Media Guidelines are intended to provide guidance and support to UCI departments and organizations that own and operate social media channels. Social media is a dynamic and invaluable communication medium. As new norms emerge, these guidelines will be updated accordingly. 

Like any other university activity, it is important that you exercise sound judgment and common sense by adhering to UCI’s values, and by following UCI Rights of Free Speech and Academic Freedom, UC diversity statement, UC statement of ethical values and standards of ethical conduct and all other applicable policies.

Be professional 

As a representative of UCI, it is your responsibility to protect UCI’s institutional voice. How you conduct yourself not only reflects you – it is also a direct reflection of UCI. While social media is lighter in tone, please keep your messaging professional with proper spelling and grammar. Abbreviations are fine for Twitter, as is the occasional slang term--just don’t overdo it. 

Be respectful

Be respectful of the diversity of our community. You may receive positive, neutral and negative comments. As an administrator, you can and should respond when relevant, but consider how the response may reflect on your department/organization and UCI.

Respect copyrights

Respect the laws governing copyright and fair use of copyrighted material owned by others, including UCI’s own copyrights and brands. Always credit content (photos, images, videos, music, text, etc.) that you did not create. Prior to reposting, ask permission to post photos/videos. 

Be accurate

Review spelling, grammar and punctuation. Mistakes happen and are best addressed quickly.

Respect confidentiality

Keep conversations focused on matters of public record. Do not disclose anything that is confidential, proprietary, personal or private about UCI, its employees, students and affiliates. 

Protect personal information

For safety and security reasons, do not post personal contact information on social media sites. 

Be transparent

Be honest about your identity. If you choose to post about UCI on your personal time, please identify yourself and fully disclose yourself as a UCI student, faculty or staff member. 

Do not endorse commercial partners

Any advertising, promotion or overly favorable endorsement of third-party products and services is not permitted.

Encourage dialogue

Remember that everyone has a right to share his/her opinions, whether positive or negative. Strive to create discussions that are welcoming, mutually respectful and inclusive. Your first instinct should not be to delete a post because you disagree with it. If possible, use the opportunity to solve a problem or generate a productive discussion. 

Be aware of the Social Media Privacy Act

The Social Media Privacy Act, passed by the California Legislature in September 2012, prohibits public and private college employees and representatives from requiring or requesting a student, prospective student, or student group to disclose, access, or divulge personal social media account information.