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UCI Magazine | Spring 2020

Latest Issue | Spring 2020

COVID-19: A Call to Action

As the COVID-19 pandemic began gaining a foothold in the U.S. in mid-March, we realized that we had to temporarily put aside the spring magazine we had originally been working on and set out to document this unprecedented time. All the photographs that appear in this issue were taken from March through May. Please note that safety standards have evolved and continue to do so, so photos reflect appropriate standards at the time taken. The majority were shot by UCI staff photographer Steve Zylius, photojournalists Carlos Puma and Steven Georges, and campus housing photographer Corey Tull. We also want to thank everyone who sent in screen grabs and photos to help us in this endeavor. The end result is a 10-week snapshot of UCI during the unfolding coronavirus crisis as undaunted Anteaters adjusted, stepped up to the challenge and heeded “A Call to Action.”

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