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UCI Magazine | Fall 2020

Latest Issue | Fall 2020


We first began this edition in January, but as the coronavirus pandemic took hold in the U.S., we shifted gears – like most of the world – and published a special “COVID-19: A Call to Action” report (spring 2020). Then we turned our focus back to artificial intelligence, a forward-looking technology that researchers across UCI are actively seeking to improve and employ for the benefit of society in myriad ways. Some of the photos in this issue predate the pandemic, so practices such as social distancing and using face coverings had not yet been recommended by public health agencies. The AI club’s group photo (above), for example, was taken at its last meeting, one day before the campus turned to remote instruction. This magazine captures an eight-month period of flux, and yet, as Chancellor Howard Gillman wrote in his letter last issue, the university is not closed but actively continuing its mission of teaching, research and public service. We hope that you enjoy this in-depth coverage of “AI at UCI” – and perhaps a glimpse of brighter days ahead.

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